Are You Being Forced to Buy Flood Insurance?

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  • Flood Zone Review

    Are you paying for Flood Insurance that you don’t need? Alpine Land Surveying offers services to review, analyze and support removal from the FEMA flood zone map. Read More about “Flood Zone Review”

  • Dispute Your Flood Determination

    If you have questions about whether or not you need to pay flood insurance, click here to order a preliminary flood consultation at no cost to you. Read More about “Dispute Your Flood Determination”

  • Letter of Map Amendment

    At Alpine Land Surveying, we are finding that 85% of the structures which are being forced to pay flood insurance by their lenders actually qualify for a Letter of Map Amendment. Read More about “Letter of Map Amendment”

    Are You Needlessly Paying for Flood Insurance?

    Due to tougher regulations and revised Flood Zone maps, many homeowners are now being required by their lenders to obtain Flood Insurance. The properties most affected are those fronting a body of water. While all homes are at risk for catastrophic flooding, many of these properties do not warrant Flood Insurance.

    It is now up to the homeowners to be proactive and hire a Professional Land Surveyor to establish if flood insurance is necessary.

    If you receive a notice from your lender requiring you to get Flood Insurance, you need to know that you have options. Often a home will appear to be in a high risk Flood Zone when it is actually elevated above. Obtaining an Elevation Certificate is the first step toward permanently eliminating unnecessary Flood Insurance. A favorable Elevation Certificate is the key support document to obtain a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) to officially remove a structure from a Flood Zone.

    Alpine Land Surveying, Inc. specializes in performing extensive flood zone analysis. We help homeowners, realtors, and anyone forced to pay flood insurance to validate the validity of the placement of their property on the Flood Zone map. We will work with you to evaluate your property, provide an Elevation Certificate and Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) to FEMA when appropriate. Contact us today or order your analysis online.

    Attention Homeowners!

    Have you been told you need flood insurance?

    If you’re like many homeowners, you got a letter from your lender forcing you to buy flood insurance. Many will be given NO proof that there house is in a high-risk flood zone.

    It’s not always the case that a bank’s mapping information is wrong, as much as it may only tell part of the story. Sometimes they don’t even run a visual report and simply rely on computer programs that search by blind proximity. The bank program can be faulty because it relies on data that is expired or inaccurate.

    So what can you do? Contact us today. We can help.

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